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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Grumpy Elf update: The Roles We Play

Sometimes I think about where I am in the game, not as a player in terms of skill, not as a raider in terms of progression, not as an achievement hunter in terms of points, not as a pet collector in terms of pets owned or any other number of things you could put actual or arbitrary numbers on.  I think of where I am in the game as a person and the role that I play.

I ended up as a raid leader kind of by accident.  I had only been raiding for about a year, maybe even less and only playing a bit longer than that, maybe another year more at most.  It was a role I never wanted and quite honestly is something I really think there are many others could do better at it.  But it is the role I play.

By accident I call it, the incidental raid leader if you will.  The old story of the right place at the right time but only if the person wanted the job.  I just wanted to raid and if that meant I had to be the raid leader to get it done, so be it.  I'll find someone to replace me later on, lets just get to raiding.  That was around 4 years ago...Read more.

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