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Hunter Pet Guide

In this part of my blog I'm going to make a very useful guide for our beloved pets. I try to split it into categories, because It'll make browsing through the guide a lot easier. This page will contain a lot of information and my idea is that it will be updated often.

Pet Specializations: Cunning, Ferocity, and Tenacity
As we are going to start with the basic information about hunter pets, we will talk first about the Pet Specializations. There are three types of pets: Cunning, Ferocity, and Tenacity.

Cunning -Cunning pets are mostly used for PVP, because of their utility giving abilities. They have many abilities that can be used for Crowd control and survivability. Here are the abilities that every cunning pet has:
-Boar's Speed;
-Roar of Sacrifice.

Ferocity - Ferocity pets are all about damage. This pet specialization has the highest DPS and It can provide an extra damage burst. The main use of Ferocity pets is at Dungeons and Raids. The can give valuable buffs to the party and as I said the increase the total DSP of the hunter. Ferocity pets can be used also in PVP especially in a combination with a Beast Mastery hunter. Here are the basic Ferocity abilities:
-Heart of the Phoenix;
-Spiked Collar.

Tenacity -Tenacity pets are our tank specialized pets. They have abilities for increased threat, abilities for increased healing and many other spells that enables them to tank even more than one enemies. Their defencive abilities can be useful in PVP . The basic tenacity abilities are:
-Blood of the Rhino;
-Great Stamina;
-Last Stand;

Spirit Beasts

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