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Wowhead Hunter Guide

//text here Wowhead has released their Hunter guide for new players. I say "new players" ,because the information in the guide will be in best use for people who have never played Huntet in WOW.

Learn from Zumio: 90lvl BM

As you might know I'm very big fan of Zumio( the troll hunter master). I can say that I've learned most things that I know about PVP from him. I'm also very sad that he isn't playing anymore.

Scattered Shots: How to play a boosted level 90 hunter ?

So after the post about why you should boost a Hunter with the 90 lvl boots, now it's time to talk about how you should play such a character. Playing a boosted hero is like starting a new character , but much more stressful.

Scattered Shots: 10 reasons to use your level 90 boost on a hunter

Great post in Scattered shots about 90lvl boost on a hunter. In other words, this is a guide for instant 90 lvl hunters. I suggest this post to all new hunters, even if they don't use the boost.

That's the Spirit !

Spirit beasts are one of the things that attract hunters to play the BM spec. I'm not a Spirit beast fanatic, but I like them a lot. I even have few of them. But I have to admit that I've killed Skoll few years ago....for the achievement of course.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Brang 8 - Wow 90 MM Hunter PvP

Brang 8 is back !!! The legendary MM Hunter is here once again. After very long period, he is making PVP videos once again and I want to share with you his amazing work.



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