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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tameable Hydras - colors and location

There will most likely be a new Hunter pet in Warlords of Draenor. I'm talking about Hydras. I like them a beasts and I'm going to gather as much info about them as I can.

The first post will be about the different types of Hydras and their location.

Strashaz Hydra
Location: Dustwallow Marsh
Level: 59-61 Elite

Mystlash Hydra
Location: Ashenvale
Level: 19-20

Parched Hydra
Location: Zangarmarsh
Level: 61-62

Location: Netherstorm
Level: 68

Lost Offspring of Gahz'ranka
Location: Zul'Gurub
Level: 86 Elite

Location: Zangarmarsh
Level: 64

Bittertide Hydra
Location: Sholazar Basin
Level: 75-76

Location: Northern Barrens
Level: 15-20 Rare

Mire Hydra
Location: Zangarmarsh
Level: 60-61

 Thessala Hydra
Location: Maraudon
Level: 36-47


  1. Are their abilities going to be similar to what they have now, at least their main special ability? For instance, are they going to have "Hydra Sputum" as an ability? Or do you know yet? :-)

  2. You forgot the spectral one in sholazar basin which you summon and fight in the oracle dailies ;)




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