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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Warlords of Draenor - 6.0 Patch Note - Hunter

There were many pranks for April's fool , but one of the best for me was the new Patch notes. Read them if you have time. I'll put a link to the complete "patch notes". Here I'll share only the hunter changes. Have fun!

Link to the complete Patch notes Here !


"-For safety, all Hunters must now wear bright orange vests at all times.
-New Pet System: Obedience
-Pets now have an Obedience level. Each new pet must now be carefully trained over weeks and months for several hours a day to increase its Obedience level. A pet with full Obedience will obey commands 90% of the time. Pets without full Obedience may randomly decide to chase critters, make messes indiscriminately, pursue other players on mounts, or sleep instead of following a command.
-Typing /SQUIRREL will reduce all nearby pets’ Obedience level.
-Pets acquired above level 1 increase their Obedience level at a significantly reduced rate.
-Bows and Crossbows now use the Gun sounds.
-Aspect of the Hawk now provides a 30% bonus to Attack Power, up from 25%.
-Aspect of the Pack has been renamed to Aspect of the Doge. Many daze, much anger, so mystery, wow!
-Hunters now have access to an exclusive weapon type: Straw. From not-so-great distances, spatter your enemies with unique abilities Spit-wad, Backwash, Snot Rocket, and Booger Barrage.
-Snake Trap now catches 50% more snakes."

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