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Friday, April 4, 2014

Hunters in Warlords of Draenor

As it seem there are going to be many changes in the spells and the gameplay of the Hunter in Warlords of Draenor. In this post I'm going to gather all the information about the hunter changes.

Level 15-90 Talents, Blue Tweets

On Hunter raid buffs and Lone Wolf:
@ClashTheDK Yes, you get to choose one of the 6 raid buffs (but still no debuff).
— Celestalon (@Celestalon) April 4, 2014
On Explosive Trap:
@tanjon Correct. The trap explodes once when triggered, and leaves a burning DoT on anything hit by the explosion.
— Celestalon (@Celestalon) April 4, 2014
On the removal of Distracting Shot:
@Emiroda Raised the range of Growl so that you can use it in that way, for the majority of cases.
— Celestalon (@Celestalon) April 4, 2014
@DukeOfHeresy There are pet abilities like Cower. Growl works in place of Distracting Shot. You get Counter Shot instead of Silencing Shot.
— Celestalon (@Celestalon) April 4, 2014
On Counter Shot:
@PhilipStinger No, you keep Counter Shot. Scatter/Silence were removed as part of overall CC disarmament. Nearly everyone lost something.
— Watcher (@WatcherDev) April 4, 2014
On the lack of Execute abilities:
@Lefthander_ Not every spec needs to have an execute. In fact it's a pro that you have an option that doesn't.
— Celestalon (@Celestalon) April 4, 2014
On removing Kill Shot for Survival hunters:
@waccaboy See the first paragraph under Hunters. Goal is to distinguish the specs. Some sacrifices had to be made.
— Celestalon (@Celestalon) April 4, 2014
On further Misdirection changes:
@PhilipStinger Makes sense. FWIW, there are some major improvements to Misdirection that didn't make the first cut of the patch notes.

— Watcher (@WatcherDev) April 4, 2014

Removed or revised abilities

-Arcane Shot is no longer available to Marksmanship Hunters.
-Thrill of the Hunt now also reduces the cost of Aimed Shot when active, to preserve its value to Marksmanship Hunters.
-Aspect of the Hawk has been removed.
-Aspect of the Iron Hawk has been renamed to Iron Hawk, and now passively provides 10% damage reduction.
-Cower has been removed as a pet ability.
-Distracting Shot has been removed.
-Hunter’s Mark has been removed.
-Kill Shot is no longer available to Survival Hunters.
-Lock and Load has been removed and its effect has been incorporated into Black Arrow, which now has a chance to cause the effect.
-Stampede is now a level-75 talent, replacing Lynx Rush.
-Lynx Rush has been removed.
-Rabid has been removed as a pet ability.
-Rapid Fire has been removed.
-Rapid Recuperation has been removed.
-Serpent Sting and Improved Serpent Sting have been removed.
-Serpent Spread has been renamed Serpent Sting, and remains a passive for Survival -Hunters. It causes Multi-Shot and Arcane Shot to also apply the Serpent Sting poison, which does instant and periodic damage.
-Widow Venom has been removed.

-Revive Pet and Mend Pet now share one button, which toggles based on whether you have a live pet.

Crowd Control and Diminishing Returns

Hunter pets no longer have crowd-control abilities.
 Basilisk: Petrifying Gaze; Bat: Sonic Blast; Bird of Prey: Snatch; Crab: Pin; Crane:     Lullaby; Crocolisk: Ankle Crack; Dog: Lock Jaw; Gorilla: Pummel; Monkey: Bad   Manners; Moth: Serenity Dust; Nether Ray: Nether Shock; Porcupine: Paralyzing Quill; Rhino: Horn Toss; Scorpid: Clench; Shale Spider: Web Wrap; Silithid: Venom Web Spray; Spider: Web; and Wasp: Sting have been removed as pet abilities.
-Entrapment’s Root effect now shares Diminishing Returns with all other Root effects.
-Scatter Shot has been removed.
-Silencing Shot has been removed.
-Traps and trap launchers no longer have an arming time and can instantly trigger.
-Traps can no longer be disarmed.
-Scare Beast now has a 6 sec duration in PvP (down from 8 sec).

Aspect changes

-Aspect of the Pack no longer appears on the stance bar and is now on the global cooldown.
-Aspect of the Cheetah no longer appears on the stance bar and is now on the global cooldown.
-Glyph of Aspect of the Beast: The ability taught by this Glyph no longer appears on the stance bar and is now on the global cooldown.
-Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah: No longer triggers any cooldown on Aspects.

Quality and rotation changes

-Aimed Shot now deals 20% more damage and no longer interrupts Auto Attacks.
-Dismiss Pet now ignores line of sight.
-Hunter Pets now have a 1 second global cooldown.
-Black Arrow’s periodic effect now has a chance each time it deals damage to cause the next 2 Explosive Shots to cost no Focus and not trigger a cooldown. This effect is guaranteed to activate at least once.
-Explosive Trap now places a periodic-damage effect on each target within the radius of the explosion, rather than a persistent effect on the ground.

I have very critical opinion about many of these changes, but for now I'll keep it for myself. Later I'm planning on making a analysis post about all the big changes. I hope that the information was useful.


  1. No misdirect? No silencing shot? No crowd control from pets? This is rape.

    1. Yes, it is ! I hope that this changes won't past alpha...

  2. Does it leave MM hunter with Aimed Shot as the only focus dump? That will make life (too) simple.

    1. Well ..Aimed and Chimera shots...I think will continue to be the only focus dumps..




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