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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HuntsmansLodge: Memorable WoW Moments: Mist Howler

Well I was reading all of the Hunter blogs that I'm following and I can say that the post in HuntsmansLodge is the post of the week. It is about some of the old rare hunter pets and specially about Mist Howler (rare wolf).
I respect people who remember the classic thing in WOW and that's why I think that this post deserves a lot of attention.

"These days Mist Howler is nothing special, apart from him being a rare spawn, but back in the day he was a prized pup. Mist Howler was one of the few pets available with a very fast attack speed, which was most beneficial for caster interrupts in PvP. There were a handful of faster pets, but Mist Howler was one of the few wolves with the fast attack speed, plus he was the only FAS wolf with the “wolf” model, as opposed to the “worg” look. Read more."

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