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Monday, March 10, 2014

How you should treat your pet

This is a just a simple "guide" of how we hunters should treat our pets...or maybe it is more accurate to say how we shouldn't  treat our pets. I think that our trusted companions deserve more appreciation and respect and I think that we all should follow the simple rules that I'm going to write. Ok lets start with them...

  1. Don't leave your pet without a name....- it is very sad to see a pet with its default name..."Boar" or "Cat"....... you pet is not a's your friend. As your friend it deserves a name.
  2. Don't give your pet a retarded name ! - If you name your pet " Rafhshs" it's even worse than "Boar" or "Cat".
  3. Feed you pet from time to time. - Years ago this was very important , but now people even forget about it. 
  4. Turn off Growl in instances . - You will not only save your pet from certain death, but you also won't get kicked from the party.
  5. Use as much of your pets as you can. - You don't have only one pet and all of them need love and....walks. So don't leave them in the stable for months. Oh and in case that you don't know different pets are good for different things, so use them...don't try to PVP with a turtle..
  6. Respect your pet ! For the true hunter , pets are one of the main reasons to choose the path of the hunter in Azeroth.
I know that those things may seem very....stupid and unimportant ,but the really annoy me. One of the talents in Warlords of Draenor will remove the hunter pets ( I'm talking about With or Without you talent)... I think that choosing this talent will change the whole hunter gameplay...and it will change it in a bad direction.

This is only my opinion ,but anyway you should all follow the six rules of "How to make your pet happy ! ".
I hope that you enjoy the post and I'll be happy to read your comments below. Keep hunting !

Becoming friends...


  1. I think the new talent is a great idea - Ive been advocating for there to be a Robinhood style for hunters a long time.

    1. Do you play PVP ? Do you think that 30% DMG boost will compensate all of the pet abilities that we are going to lose if we choose this talent ?

    2. You're getting upset at an optional decision. You don't HAVE to drop your pet for a 30% damage boost. You don't HAVE to lose the abilities, it's for those who DO want to. So why are you complaining Nikola?

    3. I don't like how blizz are giving us talents than make hunting easier..they removed some of our we will be able to don't even bother of playing with our pet...what will be next ?

  2. This is interesting - I once had a friend who did PVP exclusively and he used to immobilize hunters and kill the pet first not to mitigate damage but based on the idea that hunters are attached to their pets and killing the pet would in essence "psyche" the hunter out.

    I agree that it does seem odd to even give the option to remove a mechanic that until now has been integral to the class.

    1. Yes, it is very demoralizing to lose your pet in battle. I'm happy to know that there are people who think like me about this new talent. Thank you for the comment :)




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