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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hunter DPS: Hunter Arena Nerfs, the HPP, Kheldul and Me

Check out the new blog that I've add in the list of blog which I repost from. I think that this is one of the useful hunter blogs and It's worth the time reading it.
Here is the latest post from Hunter DPS:

In 5.4.2 Hunters will not be able to dismiss their pets while in arenas.  This is typically done just before a hunter pet is about to die.  It's also done a fair amount in extreme hunter solo'ng.  But in the arena world, it is evidently unfair to dismiss and summon a new pet.

I haven't arena'd at all in MoP, so I can't comment on how overpowered dismiss pet was... but I would have thought that perhaps the long cast time would be enough.  But hey, hunters are top of the charts, right?  No? Oh.

In other news, we're rebuilding our guild raiding group.  We did the first four five bosses on heroic this evening, so that's not too bad.  Especially with a lot of Flex gear in the group.  I got a whole bunch of drops tonight bringing me up to around a 570 item level....Read more.

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