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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I was so close to kill Lil' Oondasta..

I made some raid finders this night and I'm very happy with my new Chest item from the set. After the raiding I thought that it is a good idea to give Lil' Oondasta another chance. I've tryed to kill her several times ,but not with the right pet combination. So now I have my 2 lvl 25 mechanical pets. As you know they make bonus damage against beasts( Lil' Oondasta). The third pet in my team was a black whelpling ,because for now I don't have another 25 lvl mechanical pet.

In the previous battles, she didn't gave me a chance ,but today I was very,very close. You will see on the screenshots below that in the end she had 23 health....

I'm going to make a video of the killing ,but first I must make the kill. I think that with three mechanical pets it would be easy to defeat her. Wish me luck and soon I will let you know what happened.

Here I was about to make my final move...

aaand bad luck for me ... :(

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