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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hunting for Blood coins

Today I've started my hunt for Blood coins,but it is harder than I thought... My server is Hellfire and it's not a PVP one ,so many people are not interested in attacking one strange looking red hunter ..LOL. For 20 minute of provoking I got only one attack from a Paladin and I've managed to kill him ,but that was it.

My goal will be getting 50 Blood Coins and then I will buy Fire-Watcher's Oath. After this I think that it will easier for me to get the mount and the companion, but I'm not sure how much time will I need for that.

I love the way I look with the debuff and especially when on my chopper. I will share a picture below. So this is for now about my Blood coins hunting... Keep hunting !

The achievement

Me on my cool red chopper

My first Blood coin


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