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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hunter Tier 16 set bonuses

I don't know about you ,but until today I didn't know what are the set bonuses for hunters from Tier 16. So I searched  and here is what I found:

"2P Bonus- Arcane Shot and Multi-shot reduce the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 12 seconds per cast.
4P Bonus: Explosive Shot casts have a 40% chance to not consume a charge of Lock and Load effect has. Instant Aimed shots reduce the cast time of your next Aimed Shot by 50%. Offensive abilities used during Bestial Wrath increase all damage dealt by 2%you deal by 2% and all damage dealt by your pet by $, stacking up to 15 times."

So as you can see the bonuses are quite sick and I think that hunter will have even better DPS with the new patch. Soon we will be able to try out those bonuses :))

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