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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quite big luck in the PVE ( Also a spec change..)

I have an exam in the university tomorrow and last night I was going to "study" ,but as you may expect I end up playing WOW. It was 3 AM so I decided to make some LFR. I usually don't get anything from the 12 bosses in the Throne of thunder , but last night I was very lucky. From the last 3 bosses I got 2 items - Helm from the set and very nice lightning gun.

The other new thing is that I really miss MM ,so last night I changed my PVE spec from Survival to MM and I was very happy. The interesting thing was that of single targets my DPS became higher with nearly 5 K.

I'm very interested in what spec do you guys prefer for PVP and PVE ,but I will make a post about that soon. Meanwhile keep hunting :)))

My gun

and my new Saurok helm


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