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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Portent is in the stable

After many days of playing and completing daily quests today I saw some footsteps in the Valley of Eternal blossoms.It took me nearly 20 minutes to follow them and finally I found Portent in the middle of the valley ( near the two giant statues ). I putted a hunter's mark on him and tamed him .I tamed the red version of Portent and I can say that I like it a lot . For me the blue and the red versions are the most attractive.For now I use BM only for PVP my Portent won't be very useful to me ,but maybe in future I will make some raid with my guild and if they tell me that they need me as a BM hunter...there will be much work for my Portern qilen pet.My hunt for the exotic pets of Pandaria will continue and I hope that soon I will have the luck to tame another interesting pet.

I wish you all good luck with the pet hunting ;)

My Red Portent pet


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