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Friday, March 29, 2013

Stable change for hunters

There is more information about patch 5.3 with each day ,but as you all know the most interesting info for me is the one about hunters. So today i woke up and I saw another very important and interesting change- a "stable"change.
As you all know to this moment all hunters were able to stable 20 of their pets in the stable master and take the 5 most favorite with them. But now with patch 5.3 Blizzard are increasing the amount of stable pets from 20 up to 50.
This is very good news because now we will be able to gather much more rare and interesting pets , because of the larger space that we are going to get in the stable.
Until now I was collecting only useful pets and very few of my pets were in my stable because of their looks. If you are a BM hunter now you can gather all of the spirit beasts ,rare Pandaria pets and still have more room for other interesting pets. And you wouldn't be forced to get rid of a pet because now need other pet more.

So on the end of this post I would just like to say Great job Blizzard !

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