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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hi ! I am starting this blog because I play hunter and I would like to share my experience to other hunters. I play WOW since 2007 and  I've always played Night Elf MM Hunter. The other thing is that my brother also play WOW and guess what..he is also a Hunter, but he is a Dwarf.

I know that there are many,many blogs about hunters and I won't try to teach you something. I just wan't to share to other people and if someone find something useful in my posts I will be very happy that I helped him :)

So wish me good luck and I hope that I will provoke you ;)


  1. That's funny I have a Dran hunter bm, and my little brother has a dwarf hunter as well

  2. hehe :D Cool :P We are all bother hunters :) I hope that you will like my blog and I know that it's quite amateur but I will make it better :)




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