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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pet of the week - Felbound Wolf

It's Saturday again so it's time for the pet of the week. This time I won't be talking about pets from previous expansion. This time we will talk about a pet from the the patch 6.2 - Felbound Wolf.

This is a new skin for the Draenor wolf model. It looks awesome (my opinion) and even now many of my friends want to get it for matching their transmog. 

To be able to tame this beast you will need to obtain Vial of Fel Cleansing from Fel Rangari Anaara.

After that you must use the vial on a Felbound Wolf to cleanse it and then tame it.

Fel Rangari Anaara

Location of Fel Rangari Anaara:

Spawn locations of Fel Rangari Anaara


  1. Awesome. Thanks for the info! One question, though, do you have to weaken it to use the vial?

    1. Nope :) You just use it and the use Tame Beast on it :)




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