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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

That's the Spirit !

Spirit beasts are one of the things that attract hunters to play the BM spec. I'm not a Spirit beast fanatic, but I like them a lot. I even have few of them. But I have to admit that I've killed Skoll few years ago....for the achievement of course.

I know that there are many guides/posts/articles about Spirit beasts, but the truth is that I don't have one. That's why I'm making this short post about them.I hope that my view will be useful to you.

Spirit beasts are part of the Ferocity pet family. They have number of abilities that could be very useful in many situations. This combination of abilities makes them ideal for PVP and for PVE.

Spirit Beast abilities:

There are nine spirit beasts(three different colors for the porcupine) to choose from. All are rare spawns and some even have elaborate taming processes like Ban'thalos.

Ankha is one of the spirit cats that wander around in Mount Hyjal. The important thing about her is that you need to remove all of you armor because of her Spirit Claw ability.

Arcturis is the only bear spirit beast. He has very small and specific spawn place in Grizzly Hills and for me he is quite easy to get, if you check the spawn place regularly. Arcturis doesn't have any special abilities and thats why you don't need any tactic for taming him. 

Ban'thalos in a owl spirit beast and he can be found in  Mount Hyjal. As this is one of the trickiest pets to tame, I will give you a link to video guide. I found this video based on it's views ,but you can check out youtube for other methods. Video guide HERE. 

There are three different spirit porcupine models. Degu is the red colored spirit porcupine. He can be found at the Krasarang Wilds. The key information here is that Degu must be below 30% to be tamed. The best tactic for him is kitting, because he hits very,very hard. This information is also applied for the other spectral porcupines - Gumi and Hutia. 
 Gumi is the Blue version of the spirit porcupines. He can be found in Kun-Lai Summit. The tactic for him is the same as the tactic for Degu.
Hutia is the green spirit porcupine. He or she can be found in The Jade Forest. The different thing here is that Hutia has a heal ability called -Spirit Heal , but it's interruptible.

Ghostcrawler is a spirit crab beast found in the Abyssal Depths. Because he is also a tricky pet to tame, I'm going to post a link to a video guide for taming him. Check out the video guide HERE. 

Gondria is a purple skinned spirit cat. She can be found in Zul'Drak and she is only 77lvl. That's why you won't have any problems taming her if you are above 80lvl. 

Karoma is one of the two spirit wolfs that can be tamed. The skin of Karoma is the same model as the shaman spirit wolf. She can be tamed in the  Twilight Highlands. 

Loque'nahak is the first spirit beast (I'm not 100% sure about that, but I think that I've read it somewhere). He can be found in the  Sholazar Basin ,but he has multiple spawn places and he is part of the rare achievement. This makes him very hard to get. 

Magria is the last of the spirit cats that can be tamed. She shares spawning place with Ankha (in Mount Hyjal). Magria also share the tactic- "important thing about her is that you need to remove all of you armor because of her Spirit Claw ability." 

Skoll is the other spirit wolf that we can use for a pet. He spawns at The Storm Peaks. You won't need any tactic for him, but you should act fast, because he usually is killed/tamed very fast by the lots of people who wander The Storm Peaks looking for the Time Lost Proto-drake. 

So this is the short info-post about the spirit beast that can be tamed in WOW. I think that this can be useful for every new hunter, who is thinking about becoming a beast master. The good thins is that now in MoP we can stable up to 50 pets and this gives us the chance to gather all of the spirit beast, while still keeping our other pets.

I really hope that in Warlords of Draenor, there will be something new for us hunters. Maybe some of the new things will be more tamable spirit beasts. I hope so ! I also hope that you find this post useful and interesting.

If you have a favorite spirit beast feel free to share it with me in the comments below.


  1. If you like the spirit beast, translucent-y look, there are a couple of pets that fit the bill which are super easy to get - the boar from RFD or the trackable tiger in Jade Forest.

    We also have a video of the Hutia/Gumi tames on our site ^^

    1. Can you send me a link to your video or to the site ? I can add it to the post :)




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