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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Scattered Shots: How to play a boosted level 90 hunter ?

So after the post about why you should boost a Hunter with the 90 lvl boots, now it's time to talk about how you should play such a character. Playing a boosted hero is like starting a new character , but much more stressful. You'll have tons of spells, talents, glyphs, pets etc. The next post I'm going to share is once again from Scatteret shots and it's like a guide for boosted hunters. I also recommend it to new hunters which won't use the boost.

"Do you still need convincing on why you should boost a hunter to 90? Go check out my 10 reasons why from last week. So you've got a fresh level 90 hunter in front of you -- what now? What are all these abilities? How do pets work? We've got answers for all that. Without the benefit of having abilities and mechanics slowly introduced while leveling, you might be a little confused when you first log in. Don't fret, you'll be turning monsters into pin cushions and taming an army of pets in no time." Read more.

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