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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Grumpy Elf: Monday Random Thoughts

Another portion of Grumpy Elfs Monday Thoughts:

- I had a busy weekend this weekend in the game in terms of the LFR.

- I'll start with some of the standard grumpy stuff, but if you want feel good stuff, feel free to skip to the end when I mention my rogues journey this weekend.

- Why do I keep going back there being I hate it so much?

- Necessary evil, at least if I want to get the legendary quest line done on alts.

- Necessary evil, if I want to get some gear to play fill in on my alts.

- And mildly rewarding, even with all the annoyances when you finally do finish that legendary quest line on an alt.

- Even more so when you complete that legendary quest line on two alts in the same weekend.

- Yes, I have two alts with cloaks now after this weekend.

- My priest and rogue have joined the dedicated few with the legendary cloaks...Read more.

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