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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Grumpy Elf: Fewer Daily Quests for WoD, Good or Bad?

For me this is a good thin,because it will return people to the point where you need to plan your 25 daily quest for the day. Here is what Grumpy Elf thinks:

When they announced that there would be almost no daily quests when WoD was released it actually bothered me.  I actually like dailies, always have, but that is beside the point.  What worried me was that blizzard was stepping into the trap they dig for themselves once again.  They do have quite a track record of doing that.

They make a mistake with something and then they over compensate for it.  Kind of like how when the expansion came out the drop rate for cloth was insane, you could level your first aid with the cloth you picked up before you even got to your 5th or 6th quest hub.  I know because I did on my main.  By the time I reached 90, some hours later, and sent all the cloth to my tailor, I was able to make over 300 bolts, just from leveling one character.  They were way over board with their drop rate on cloth so they made an adjustment with cloth drops, which was needed...Read more.

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