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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Patch 5.4 Ranged weapons

So it is finally time for me to post something about the new Ranged weapons in Patch 5.4. I still don't know which bosses will drop the hunter weapons ,but I have pictures of them. There are going to be two bows, one gun and a crossbow. For some reason they will be in four colors . I can tell that for me the crossbow is very,very ugly. Maybe this won't be it's final look ,but from what I have for now I can tell that it's not very good. The gun is nice nice massive. The first of the bows is classic orcish bow ,but I don't a clue where will it drop.

The second bow is very mantid like. I think that it will drop from the paragons ( the last boss). From the four weapons the bows are definitely the best looking and I hope that I'll have the chance to get one of them.

The first bow

The crossbow

The gun

The second (mantid) bow


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