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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Blink strikes change

I want to talk about the big change with the hunter active talent called Blink strike. As a BM hunter in PVP ,this was one of my favorite spells. The 600% damage was crazy and in a combination with Intimidation the amount of pressure on the enemy was enormous.

I haven't tried the new spell called Blink strikes and I can't really tell is it better or worse. I just liked the old one so much that I don't think that this change is for good.

Yes we will be able to use it more often ,but the burst of damage won't be even close.

I can admit one better thing and it is fast target switch. Now pets are going to be like bouncing balls in the arena games.

Only time will tell how will the new talent work for us. Is it better to have greater burst of damage or increase base damage. I will be happy to hear you opinion in the comments below. Enjoy the new Patch and keep hunting :)

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