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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rare hunter pets-Birds of Prey

I am MM hunter but my seconadry spec is BM so I will start to make posts about the most rare and interesting pets. The first kind of pets are going to be the Birds of pray (you don't need to be BM hunter to tame them).

"Birds of prey are a family of Cunning pets in World of Warcraft. They are tamable by a  Hunter starting at level 10.

Birds of prey, through use of their  Snatch ability, can disarm a target for 10 seconds. This ability is very nice for PVP and can also disarm any mobs which are regularly able to be disarmed (which can include dungeon bosses). Some may also know a unique "bonus" ability,  Trick, which causes your pet to flip up and do a turn in the air. This ability has no actual purpose and is just for show, and it is also not available to all birds of prey.

There are a whopping twenty-eight different skins available for bird of prey pets. Birds are prey are unique because the pet class features a variety of different species, including eagles, owls, parrots, hawks and even a seagull! As such, there are a number of exotic and rare skins available for players to tame. The best-known rare birds of prey are Aotona and Olm the Wise."

Aotona is a big rate blue parrot. It's located in Sholazar Basin. The lelev of the beast is 75 and it drops Aotona's Collar and Abandoned Adventurer's Satchel.

 Aotona location

Olm the Wise is a big owl located in Felwood. He is level 48 and he has unique white skin. He may drom 80 green items and Giant egg. 

Olm the wise

 Olm the wise locations

I personally like Olm more because for me big blue parrot is not nasty enough. But thats only my opinion. So good luck with the rares and soon I will give you information about more interesting pets.

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