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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

WOD Hunter Talent changes

There are few changes in the Hutner talents that I've wanted to share with you in case you didn't see them until now. In general Blizz are buffing us a lot, so the news are very,very good.

Hunter Talent Changes:
Barrage: Tooltip updated so that the numbers ingame reflect the impact of Versatility. 

Exhilaration: Now heals you and your pet for 30% of max health, up from 22%. // This will be very good buff to our survivability

Glaive Toss: Each glaive now does 52% AP as damage, up from 41.5%. // As I'm using Glaive Toss for PVP ( mostly arenas) I think that this buff will make Glaive toss a must spell against melee foes

Powershot: Now deals 840% weapon damage to the target, up from 520%. Also deals 420% weapon damage to enemies between you and the target, up from 260%. // I think that Blizz are returning the original damage of Powershot and I think that this will be my choise for battlegrounds from now on

Stampede: Now lasts for 40 seconds, up from 20 seconds. //Great for Incresing your burst damage for both PVP and PVE. At this moment I'm using A murder of crows, but I'll have to check my damage with 20more seconds Stampeding.

Let me know what you think about the new talent changes in the commenst below. Also if you are interested in making guest posts on my blog just let me know :)

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