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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blackrock Foundry Hunter Weapons

I know that for most of you fellow hunters, the most interesting thing from the new raid (Blackrock Foundry) are the Hunter weapons. I've made a little reasearch and in this post I want to share my findings with you.

First of all for all the Bow lovers....sorry guys but there willl be no loot for you. The only hunter weapons from the raid are a gun- Gar'an's Brutal Spearlauncher and a crossbow- Mouth of The Fury.

Below you'll find all the info that I've gathered and pictures of each weapon, so you'll be able to plan your transmog from now.


So let's start with the Crossbow:

Mouth of The Fury can drop from : Heart of the Mountain - 28% drop chance.

If you disenchant it for some reason you'll be able to get:
Temporal Crystal - 67%;
Fractured Temporal Crystal x3 - 33%

And here are the long waited pictures:

Mouth of The Fury Heroic

Mouth of The Fury Mythic

Mouth of The Fury

And now let's talk about the gun:

Gar'an's Brutal Spearlauncher can drop from:
Enforcer Sorka - 10% drop chance;

Marak the Blooded - 26% drop chance

The pictures are below. I personaly like the gun a lot, but I'm wondering will it look nice with the Tier 17 Hunter set. Tell me what you think about both weapons in the comments below.

Gar'an's Brutal Spearlauncher Heroic

Gar'an's Brutal Spearlauncher Mythic

Gar'an's Brutal Spearlauncher Normal

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