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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Grumpy Elf: Let the Hunter Do It.

This is very accurate and interesting post about the hunter's role in PVE made by Grumpy. I think that every serious PVE Hunter had been in a "Let the hunter do it" situation. Check it out and comment on The Grumpy Elf blog what is your opinion about it.

"I never raided in the burning crusade and that was not the fault of the guild I was in because it was just a leveling guild that did not have a raid team.  It was my own fault because I never hit max level back then.  I really took my time leveling.  I think I spent twice, maybe even three times, as much time exploring the world as I did trying to level.  As such it was not until wrath that I had my first experience raiding.

I had left my leveling guild and joined a raiding guild to sit on the bench hoping that I would get my shot one day, and of course that day did come.  When we approached gluth the raid leader said for me to kite the zombie chow...Read more."

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