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Monday, July 30, 2012

The new Hunter PVP set is Sick !!!

Today I saw the new PVP set for hunters and I think that it is very,very sick. The helm reminds me of an old english hunting hat with a feather in it. The two bonuses of the set are more that aggressive:
When you get two pieces of the set you will get-Rapid Intensity: While Rapid Fire is active your PvP power is increased by 3200.
And on four pieces-Increased Focus Regeneration: Increases the regeneration of your Focus by 25%.

The Rapid Intensity mean that we will be able to make extreme amounts of damage when we use Rapid fire. And on the other hand the Focus Regeneration bonus will give us faster focus regeneration which mean that we are going to use less Steady and Cobra shots . We will be able to relapse them with more Arcane shots and other abilities that give us higher DPS.

Here are the pictures of the new PVP set. Enjoy it and Keep hunting !!!

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