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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mists of Pandaria ranged weapons

In MoP hunters won't be able to use melee weapons . This makes our ranged weapons even more important. In this post I've gathered all the ranged weapons that will drop from the Dungeons and Raids in MoP.


-Yan-Zhu's Pressure Valve!

-Houndmaster's Compound Crossbow!

-Tempestuous Longbow!

-Firebelcher Hand Cannon!


-Taoren, the Soul Burner!

-Fang Kung, Spark of Titans!

As you can see the damage is massive as well as the stats.For now I don't know anything about the drop rates. With my night elf hunter I use only bows ,but as you can see for now the guns are going to dominate. I think that they will add a crossbow in the raid drop.

I hope the post was useful. Soon I will give you more information about hunting in Mists of Pandaria.

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