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Friday, July 27, 2012

Main hunter spell changes-build 15913

Perhaps you all have seen the new spell changes for the hunters. I won't talk about all of them, I just want to share my opinion about some of the main hunter spells.

Lets start with Arcane shot: An instant shot that causes 65%->110% weapon damage plus 4611-> 4985 as Arcane damage.

This is something big for Survival and BM hunters. I think that Arcane shot is one of the most important spells for Beast mastery hunters and the increasing of the damage of the spell will improve the damage of the BM hunters in total numbers.

Next is my favorite Powershot: You wind up a powerful shot, which deals 400%->800% weapon damage to the target and 100%->200% weapon damage to all enemies in between you and the target. Enemies hit by Powershot are also knocked back.

So what can I say about this one....? The damage of the spell is doubled ! I can't even imagine what will hunters make with such a forse and I can't even think how much will it hurt when we use Powershot on our prey. Blizzard had made this spell even more wanted. I don't know for you ,but for me the choise for the 90 lvl talent has been made.

The Aimed shot-one of my favorite spells....and now the changes is -->  A powerful aimed shot that deals 160%400% ranged weapon damage plus 9432 to 10508.

Blizzard had chaned Aimed shot many,many times ,but this one is only a pure damage injection. Most people use Aimed shto for two things:
1) Starting shot
2) When you have enough stacks of Master Marksman effect ( The needed stacks were reduced from 5 to 3 with build 15913).

And the last shot is the Chimera shot: An instant shot that causes 115%->300% ranged weapon Nature damage plus RAP*0.732+1795, refreshing the duration of your Serpent Sting and healing you for 3% of your total health.

As I play MM hunter you can be sure that I love this shot. Here we have increased damage and reduced healing. I can say that this is fair ,because in MoP we hunter will be able to heal ourselfs with other spell ,no with Chimera shot only.

This post is not about all the changes . You all propably had seen them,but I just wanted to talk about some of the spells that I like the most.Cheers and keep hunting !


  1. Its very rare to find such informative blog on Warcraft. Keep it up...

  2. Thanks Bikramjit ! I'm happy that you like it because I really appreciate your opinion!

    1. You are welcome.. keep sharing such contents :-)

    2. I will :) I'm trying to improve the blog :)

  3. Hi where did you learn all this great stuff from. It's not like i'm trying to flatter you but i'm intrigued by your work. please do keep on posting quality articles like this and I can assure you that I will be your regular viewer. Thanks and God bless




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