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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Interview with Demoonhunter-my brother's hero

My brother also plays MM hunter. But he is a male dwarf. I thought that it will be interesting if I tell you about him and how he play WOW. He is only 74 lvl because he don't have much time.Now I will show you some interesting facts about his hero-Demoonhunter:

This is him-the Great dwarf hunter
My brother told me that in the future he will try to look like the dwarf in the trailer. Maybe thars why his favorite pet is his bear:
He has two more pets - wolf and spider.

My brother plays onlu MM hunter. He told me that he may try BM but for now he is a clear MM. Here are his talents:
His favorite spell is Aimed shot:

The other two spells that he likes the most are chimera shot and arcane shot.

The main professions are mining and engineering.

My brother loves to play PVP. I'm sure that in future he will be very good arena partner .

So those are some of the interesting facts about my brother and his Demoonhunter.

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